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Our Team Of Automotive Professionals

In the automotive repair process communication is vital.  Our team of advisers are trained to be great communicators.  First carefully listening to your concerns and drawing out information you may not even know you had.  Conveying that information to our technicians, who carefully access the problem,  then providing a solution with options back to you, and finally helping you decide what’s best for your unique situation.

Joel Sarantos

Joel Sarantos

ASE certified Service Advisor

ASE certified Master Automotive Technician.  

Joel is completely committed to finding solutions for you.  He is a certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence as a master technician and a service advisor.  This means that he is trained not only to fix cars, but to listen to you, and more importantly, to communicate your information to the technicians and then back to you.  Ill let him tell you more about himself.

“Hello my name is Joel Sarantos. I have been a service advisor at Advanced Auto Pros since August, 2007. I have always been interested in automobiles. Even as a young guy I was into racing remote controlled cars. My interest grew as I got older and I attended Front Range Community college, for the automotive technology program. I started out as a technician in the shop here. Now I have the privilege of working with the people of Greeley and helping them solve their automotive problems. Outside of the shop I like to spend time with my family and play guitar.”Joel definitely has a passion for getting problems solved. I’m proud to have him as a cornerstone of our organization.”

Highly qualified automotive technicians are scarce.

According to Wikipedia there are 255 million vehicles on the roads in the United States. 

According to the national institute for Automotive Service Excellence as of January 2016 there are only 72,701 Certified Master Automotive Technicians in the United States.  That’s one for every 3518 cars.   

If you are fortunate enough to find a Master certified L1 Advanced Level Specialist you are speaking with one of only 35,951 currently certified in the United States.  That’s one highly skilled technician for every 7092 vehicles in the United States. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have access to the data to tell you conclusively how many L1 Master certified technicians there are in Greeley Colorado.   What we can tell you is that we have L1 Master certified technicians, and Master certified technicians on our staff here at Advanced Auto Pros.  Allow me to introduce you to the men who will take care of your car. 


Marc DuBois

ASE certified Service Advisor

ASE certified Master Automotive Technician

Advanced L1 diagnostic certification

“My name is Marc DuBois, an ASE Master certified automotive technician. I am also certified by ASE as a Service Consultant, and L1 Advanced Engine Performance specialist. Advanced Auto Pros has been my work home for well over a decade. Rick hired me as a service advisor with no automotive knowledge, but gave me all the resources to succeed in the field. In two years’ I was ASE certified and started working in the back as an apprentice. A couple of years later I became a Master L1, and haven’t stopped learning automotive technology, since. I love learning about, and working on, automotive systems. Some things that help with learning about automotive technology are learning about electronics, programming, metal machining, physics, mathematics and chemistry. These are all hobbies of mine and during my free time they are all that I do. However, my wife and daughter are the loves of my life, and I spend every moment possible with them.”

I have never met anyone who has a passion for learning like Marc.  I am so proud to have Marc on the staff of Advanced Auto Pros.  I can assure you that with Marc on our team we will always remain on the cutting edge of the ever changing technology in the automotive industry.