Why Should I worry about my cars wheel alignment?

You are driving down the road and BOOM! SHAKE! BOOM! YOU ASK YOURSELF "HEY, SELF " " WHERE DID THAT POT HOLE COME FROM?” MEANWHILE YOUR CARS’ CONTROL ARM DROPS, THE SPRING STRETCHES, THE SHOCK ABSORBER WELL IT ABSORBS. You feel a bone-jarring bump! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR CAR FELT? OF COURSE YOU DON’T… CARS CANT TALK BUT WE CAN TELL YOU! DON’T TAKE IT ON CHANCE THAT EVERYTHING IS OK, COME IN FOR THE “SUSPENSION SAVER SPECIAL” AND GET THE “PEACE OF MIND” THAT THE FOLKS AT ADVANCED AUTO PRO’S HAVE BEEN PROVIDING OUR CLIENTS SINCE 1985! WOW That’s a long time! Suspension's Special benefits : Your safety is dependant on your cars steering and suspension Discovering loose, bent or cracked suspension components will correct problems in the way your car will" go down the road". Correct alignment will prevent premature tire wear, vastly improve gas mileage and save you money over time. Your car could have alignment bad enough to rapidly Wear Your tires and still drive down the road straight. You would Have No Way of Knowing until it Was Too Late! But Our Techs, Using our high tech ALIGNMENT Machine can ensure You get the Best Possible Wear From Your Tires, Save As Much Fuel as possible by eliminating rolling resistance, print a really cool illustration of what yours looks like, physically check tie rods, ball joints, tires and frame, just to list a few. We look at way too much stuff to list it all here. This special is a great way to ensure your families safety & the reliability of your second largest investment. We specialize in ensuring your safety.