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dollarWe’re Selling Dollar Bills for 18 Cents!!!

18 cents

How many would you like?



Allow me to explain. With Our Car Care Club you get all of this:



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Total Value $566.42

Your Investment $109

That’s 18 cents invested for every dollar of Value!!!!

Membership does have its privileges.

The oil changes alone will more than pay for the card, and you should get them done whether you purchase it or not.  Add up all the savings and you’ll find that you could easily save up to $566.42 over the next year on services you will likely need anyway.

There is no risk to you.

You’re not limited to using your Car Care Club Card on only one car, or only one service per visit!  Even if you’re driving a newer car and may not need all the services on the card, you can share it with family and friends and let them use it to save money on any repairs they may need.  Every now and then one of my “insider” clients would purchase the Car Care Club Card and move away or simply stop driving, and I would gladly give them all of their money back for an unused card. Well, I will certainly give you the same NO RISK GUARANTEE if you invest in the card and for any reason can’t or don’t use it, just bring it back to me and I’ll gladly give you the money you invested back. No questions asked… And if you’re not totally satisfied with the service you receive just let me know and you’ll receive $200 Savings Bond. Incredible!

You’re probably saying to yourself, “Ok, what’s the catch?” Well, here it is. I can’t afford to have too many of these cards in circulation. The discounts would put me out of business… so I’ve got a limited number available, and when they’re gone, I am not going to print more… So if you’d like to take advantage of this special you’ve got to act NOW!

Just click the link below.  You’ll go to our secure shopping cart where you can purchase your Car Care Club Card right now, you will receive your Car Care Club Card in the mail within a week… it is just that simple.

PS Remember, there is NO RISK to you. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

PPS Remember the card is good for a full year on any car you choose!!!!

PPPS Great Gift Idea!! Why not buy one for you and one for someone you love.