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Hi!  I am Rick Bilger, owner of Advanced Auto Pro’s in Greeley!  I’d like to share with you some of my values and perspectives that mean a BIG difference to my customers!

There are some things other repair shops in Greeley don’t want you to know. Most repairshops feel that they are doing you a favor by working on your car. Have you ever called or gone into a shop only to find that you were treated rudely? Ignored? Talked down to like you were a child? I feel your pain, It has happened to me in other types of service establishments where I felt unappreciated.

My family has been in the Auto Repair Industry for three generations.  I started working in my dad’s auto repair shop when I was 14.  My grandfather Lyle started in this business way back in 1928, back when a life was a little less hectic. In his shop at that time people would drop by in the morning for a cup of coffee, chat about what was happening in the neighborhood etc. It was friendly comfortable place to visit, and people came in just to say hello like a barbershop or beauty salon. A mechanic had integrity, honesty, genuinely liked what he did and really appreciated his clients.

Times changed, cars got more complex, the business became very expensive to stay in.  My Dad closed his shop.  Now a person really had to have some business management skills, mass merchandisers got involved and BAM there goes the warm, friendly, thanks for coming in attitude of most shops.

Now, don’t get me wrong, mechanics (we’re called technicians now but I like mechanic, they can fix anything.) well these guys for the most part still are good people. It’s just  that many of the people running the businesses seem to have forgotten (or never knew) that you are the most important person in their business!

After working in several dealerships I started Advanced Auto Pro’s because I wanted to provide customers something that they weren’t getting at the dealerships, personal attention and great customer service.

When you enter my shop, you will find a clean happy environment, you will be greeted by a friendly courteous staff that realizes that they are there for you, not the other way around.  There’s a TV on the wall, wireless internet so you can use your laptop. If you need a ride to work, you’ve got it. If you want to make it really convenient we will come to your work and pick up your car. We’ll service your car and we will bring it back for you.

Over the years I have been blessed with finding a group of automotive service professionals who share my vision.  The team at Advanced Auto Pro’s is truly unique group who passionately care about your family car being fixed Right the first time, that’s the Advanced Auto Pro’s way.

In 2008 we were absolutely blown away to be awarded the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics by the Better Business Bureau.  The Better Business Bureau conducts this annual awards program to gain public recognition for businesses and organizations that maintain a solid commitment to ethical business practices. The BBB Torch Awards program is designed to not only promote the importance of ethical business practices, but also the willingness and efforts made by businesses and organizations to ensure that our marketplace remains fair and honorable..

Unfortunately I can’t promise you that we are perfect, but I can promise you that we will never stop trying to be.

As I think about where my auto repair shop is today, how it got here and where it’s going. I know that you cast one giant vote of confidence when you decide to place your vehicle in our hands. I’m truly overcome with gratitude for every client that has made that choice and allowed us to properly service and repair their vehicles. Helping to keep them and their families safe and trouble free is our goal, and we work constantly to improve at doing that more quickly and more cost effectively. So today, thanks to you, Advanced Auto Pro’s is truly a great company! I think of each of you as a friend and special client.

So… from the bottom of my heart and everyone who works with me,
Thank You!

Can’t Wait to Hear From You!

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Rick Bilger

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