Noise Description (sounds like)

Identifying and explaining the noises that our cars make is probably the biggest challenge we face in communicating with an auto repair shop.  Advanced Auto Pros has addressed this problem with this car problem noise description tool.  Please use this noise description tool to identify the car problem you are hearing.  When making your appointment use the descriptions to help us help you solve your car problems.

Banging Slamming a wooden screen door 
Bonging Hitting a large gong 
Booming Rumble of distant thunder
Buzzing Electric razor
Chafing Rubbing dry hands together
Chattering Windshield wipers across a dry windshield
Chirping Bird or cricket call
Clacking Railroad car wheels rolling on a track
Clanging Cow bell or dinner bell
Clanking Wrench dropped on concrete
Clapping Hands clapping
Clashing Cymbals hitting together
Clattering Falling bowling pins
Clicking Extending and retracting a ballpoint pen
Clinking Empty bottles hitting each other
Clunking Slamming a heavy wooden door
Cracking Ice cubes breaking when dropped in water
Crackling Wood burning in a fireplace
Creaking Opening a door with rusty hinges
Croaking Frog call
Crunching Walking on dry snow
Droning Distant propeller-driven airplane
Drumming Nervous fingers tapping a desk
Fluttering Flag flapping in the wind
Grating Shovel raked over pavement
Grinding Sharpening a tool on a grinding wheel
Groaning Twisting wooden beam on a ship
Growling Dog protecting his food
Gurgling Water down a bathtub drain
Hissing Leaking tire
Hooting Owl call
Howling Wind blowing through a leaky door
Humming High-voltage transformer
Jingling Keys hitting each other
Knocking Knuckles rapping a wooden door
Moaning Blowing across the top of an empty bottle
Oil canning Flexing a metal gas can
Pattering Rain drops hitting a window
Pinging Pebbles rolling around in a tin can
Popping Cork coming out of a champagne bottle
Pounding Hitting your fist on a desk
Rapping Judge using a gavel
Roaring Speeding 4×4 truck with open-tread tires
Rumbling Bowling ball rolling down an alley
Scratching Rubbing two pieces of paper together
Slapping Dribbling a basketball on a hardwood floor
Squealing Skidding tires
Ticking Tapping a pencil point on a desk
Whining Distant siren
Whistling Steam coming out of a tea pot

No Start Cranks

No Start Only Clicks

No Start Cranks then Clicks

No Start Cranks Slow