I no longer drive filled with hatred for my car!

Thank you SO MUCH for the care you gave my dear sweet heap of Jeep! I no longer drive filled with hatred for my car for the never-ending smell of antifreeze and for depriving me of heat. The lack of oil spots on my driveway is also phenomenal. AND people no longer give me and my car strange looks for the incessant whining form my brake pedal when I’m parking my car at Target. Also, another thank you SO MUCH for being so flexible and understanding to let me take it over the weekend before everything was done. I greatly appreciate you being patient with my bothering phone calls and all of your excellent communication between me and my parents. Hopefully, my dear Jeep won’t be back to visit any time soon, but I wouldn’t go anywhere else (well… unless you are far beyond my AAA 7 free miles of towing and I am stranded on the side of the road… BUT I would still think of you!) Thank you all again! My drives to work in the morning are much more enjoyable… well, besides the traffic. :):):)