multipoint vehicle inspection

I had a multipoint vehicle inspection on my 2004 Cadillac cts.They marked two things that needed attention.#1 Front end allignment .(Had done that 3 months prior).#2 they wanted to flush breaks.All other items ckecked ok.(including engine oil).We paid to Have sparkplugs replaced.We then took a trip to New Mexico and then to Texas.The car started acting up ,check engine light came on.We stoped and checked all fluids.The oil didn’t even register on the dipstick.It took 5 quarts to get it back up to close to full.The only logical explanation IMO,one mechanic dained oil thinking oil change then put plug back in oil pan ,and another mechanic came along with work order with no oil change and did the job of changing sparkplugs.Thank God for Royal Purple Oil.Advanced Auto Pro’s are still in denial.I will be taking my car to Cadillac for checkup ASAP.Will Never use Advanced Auto Unprofessional service again.