Thank you for the oil change

I’m sorry to say that I am disappointed in what used to be my favorite place to depend on getting good service for my vehicle. While your newsletter is oh so nice, I have never been impressed with the jokes, puzzles, recipes and so forth. I’m not sure what it is costing you to put that out but I would far prefer NOT having that come to me in my mailbox each month in exchange for more reasonable prices. I am a Senior woman on disability and working part-time to try to make ends meet and keep up my 12 year old car. It is embarrassing for me to have to question your pricing, but I do know that the prices you are asking for some small services are not reasonable. In this economy, I have to do what I have to do and I’m sorry to say that Advanced Auto Pros has forgotten not everyone has grown the way they have. While it is good that you have achieved success, be careful who you lose as customers along the way.